SafePath EZ Edge Transitions Rubber Ramp

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The EZ Edge™  Transition Wheelchair ramp is a straightforward solution to solve your home threshold barriers! The EZ Edge™ Threshold ramps easily fit in front of your door or any other vertical barrier you might have. These 100% recycled rubber ramps help you effortlessly transition from one height to another. Installation is quick and simple, which saves you time and money so you can get back to enjoying a barrier free life! EZ Edge™ Transitions come with a 10-Year Guarantee ensuring durable and maintenance free use. EZ Edge™ ramps are most often used for door thresholds, sliding glass doors, entry ways, or any path of travel with a vertical barrier. An EZ Edge™  Transition Ramp can effectively be installed on most surfaces including concrete, asphalt, wood, tile and marble. Simply choose the model closest to the height of the transition and the necessary width of access. If you need assistance acquiring these measurements, contact our sales team and they will find the best solution that fits your specifications.
Threshold ramps that exceed 46" in width are shipped in two pieces and require assembly. 


  • Molded Miter Ends - Safe and easy to access ramp from different angles.
  • Easy Installation - Field fitting with simple cutting tools will allow you to fit to exact rise.
  • No fasteners required - Simple installation, ramp won't move or slip.
  • Smooth and Quiet - Foot traffic is quiet and solid.
  • Commercial and Residential Use - Each size exceeds all ADA guidelines!
  • High Traction - Designed and tested for maximum slip resistance.
  • Proudly Made in the USA - Made in the USA, purchase with pride.
  • Made of 100% recycled rubber - One more way for you to care for our planet.
  • No Limit Weight Capacity - Allows for any weight scooter or user.


  •   Mats should be cleaned using a stiff brush with a soap and water solutions. The use of a strong detergent is not required.
  •   The mats should then be hosed‐off using normal water pressure. (Do not use a pressure cleaner.)
  •   Edges should then be inspected to insure that they are adhered to the surface. If lifting is noted, the edge should be re‐glued by using a small amount of seam seal glue applied at the point of lift‐up. (Care should be taken not to allow fingers to touch the wet sealer, as it is a fast acting glue and may cause damage to fingers or hands.) See instructions on seam sealer bottle!
  •   In areas that receive snow and ice, the snow should be swept or blown off the mats. Do Not Use Shovels or Plows to Remove Snow From The Mats! The mats have been tested in extreme hot and cold conditions with no diverse effects. Proper removal of dirt, water , snow and debris will insure long lasting adhesion tof the mats to the proper surfaces. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns about your SafePath Products, or if you require more information. Thank you for helping make our planet a little bit greener by using SafePath Products! 

 Assembly Instructions

Maintenance Instructions